The King Of Power – the beginning of a dream

What is this?

A team that loves to create

Have you ever imagined, all politicians or important people on this planet discuss the affairs of society in a civilized way?, Have you ever thought that our leaders or politicians are going in the right direction when making decisions about the budgets of their country?,  Do you think that the political parties, instead of reaching consensus to improve society and create solutions, think about how to fight and insult more taking television as a means of communication?

If all your answers have been a great and resounding yes, you can not stop pederte this exciting game of Apes 4 Apes Games Studio. The King Of Power is the definitive game you've been waiting for.

We can not reveal much about it, but if we can say that The King Of Power is going to be the political game that everyone was waiting for, TKOP is not only a game, it is the game, it is the part of humor that needed to be expressed. Disorder seen in the world.

Let’s work together!

Why it do?

Keep it simple

For now we can not reveal much about The King Of Power. If we can say that we are working tirelessly in the development of it. Every 10 days we hire revealing new secrets about the game, characters and scenarios and many of its qualities. If we can say that it is a game loaded with social action which will put all the satire and humor as it happened in our origin Road To Independence. We want The King Of Power to be the one to decide through our website the way that our game will follow, for this in the next posts we will carry out surveys or questions to our followers about the decision making of our game, we want you to be participants of it. Do not miss any post and follow us on twitter @apes4apes or instagram. Stick Around!

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