Our Story

Apes 4 Apes was born with the strength of friendship and effort of several friends who wanted to change the world and launch our talent through a video game.

Camino a la Independencia emerged from a cluster of coincidences. We had a few months with the idea of taking a video game for mobile, something fun and simple, especially with the idea of learning and familiarize with the tools and distribution platforms. Meanwhile all this racket occurred in Catalonia, and our friend Jesus Belchis, who knew we were looking for an idea for a simple video game, told us why not do something about Catalonia. In addition another friend, Ángel Rodríguez Campoy, had made some cartoons of Rajoy, Puigdemont, Rivera and Anna Gabriel, and was willing to give them to us.

For us, a way of expressing our dissatisfaction with how things work in our country. Luckily, if there is something that we do not lack in Spain is the ability to laugh at ourselves, and if our politicians did their job well, we would surely be laughing at other problems that are now more in the background.

Way to independence was the push that we needed to get down to work and, after several days of work, get our first video game for Android.

This was the trigger to start up this great project called Apes 4 Apes.

A4A is composed of the three main original members that are Abraham Martín Exposito (@branyman), Carlos Eusebio Lugo Barreto (@CarlosLugoWork) and Aurelio Muñoz Hijano (@Sparanzza), which together with many colleagues besides those already mentioned above, we are going to try to reach all hearts of citizens always giving our best smile.

It is today where Apes 4 Apes begins, we hope that you will accompany us all in this great adventure.

Thank you 😉


Legions of the God

The legions of the god of war are numerous and varied ... let's look at some of the creatures that make them up.
By : Aurelio Muñoz Hijano | Mar 1, 2019

The Crimson Samurai

The warriors want a worthy opponent. There is no satisfaction in fighting with the pathetic. [Donna Lynn Hope] The first tests when designing the Argus nemesis. For the design of Vargas we are basing ourselves on the iconic figure of the samurai but adapting it to this world that little by little we are designing.Continue reading
By : Aurelio Muñoz Hijano | Jan 28, 2019

Argus, The Background Art

Creating a world Due to the nature of the story, the world in which it develops must be as immersive as possible, relying on background elements such as secondary characters or architectural elements that make the user more curious to discover how It is said world and delve into its secrets. Here we can seeContinue reading
By : Aurelio Muñoz Hijano | Oct 26, 2018

Argus The First characters sketches

Hello everyone This will be the first of many blogs that will accompany the development of our Argus project. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Sincerely Apes4Apes Games Studio   Looking for the hero We are starting with the first designs of our second title Argus. The references when designing theContinue reading
By : Aurelio Muñoz Hijano | Sep 25, 2018

The King Of Power – the beginning of a dream

1 What is this?A team that loves to create Have you ever imagined, all politicians or important people on this planet discuss the affairs of society in a civilized way?, Have you ever thought that our leaders or politicians are going in the right direction when making decisions about the budgets of their country?,  DoContinue reading
By : Aurelio Muñoz Hijano | Sep 16, 2018

Road to Independence – Interview GTM

GTM INTERVIEW Catalonia, Road to Independence In this interview, Abraham Martín Exposito answer some question  for the GTM magazine. Without more words we leave you with the complete interview, in which our CTO can not describe in a better way that it deals with Independence and its adventure.
By : Aurelio Muñoz Hijano | Jul 30, 2018

Argus the game , beginning of a great story

1 ARGUS THE GAME Argus tells the story of a warrior fallen in battle and revived carrying a curse. Such a warrior must undertake a journey to be redeemed and not end up succumbing to the curse and end up becoming a monster. "Who with monsters fight take care of becoming a monster as well."Continue reading
By : Aurelio Muñoz Hijano | Jul 27, 2018