Catalonia, Road to Independence

Welcome to Camino a la independencia. This game is the reason why Apes 4 Apes exists today. This game was created by the combination of the illusion of several people, carried out in just less than two weeks. For greater surprise, it was all a thanks to citations on their websites such as Hobby Consolas or the interview with Abraham Martín Exposito for the GTM magazine. Without more words we leave you with the complete interview, in which our CTO can not describe in a better way that it deals with Independence and its adventure.


1- How did ‘Camino a la Independencia’ and with what purpose?

Camino a la Independencia ‘Road to Independence’ did from a series of coincidences. We had a few months with the idea of taking a video game for mobile, something fun and simple, especially with the idea to learn and get use with the new tools and distributions platforms. Meanwhile in that moment It had occurred this fuss in Catalonia, and our friend Jesus Belchis, who knew we were looking for an idea for a simple video game, told us why not do something about Catalonia. In addition another friend, Ángel Rodríguez Campoy, had made some cartoons of Rajoy, Puigdemont, Rivera and Anna Gabriel, and was willing to give them to us. We thought it was a good idea, and we knew that making a game about the independence movement, however simple, could give us some visibility, and it was the push that we needed to get to work and, after several days of work, take our first video game for Mobile.

2- Why take this hot topic for the game? And why in a humorous tone?

There was no talk of anything else in Spain at the end of 2017, and we were interested in how our game will reach as many more people as possible. Not to earn more or less money, because the game is free and has no publicity, but to go a little further than a few friends and family, and see really how far you can go taking advantage of the circumstances and dedicating several days working to stop. Why the humoristic tone ?, Because we are also aware of our limitations, and we did not intend to make a serious game in a week, and less on a subject as delicate as the independence movement. In addition, at no time we wanted the game to come to value any of the political currents and their roles in Catalonia, but to laugh at all of them equally. If we want to avoid hipe it up the subject, humor may be the best choice.

3- Do you think that current video games have a potential for satire that can be equated to comic or broadcast world?

Of course, in fact, perhaps other media are more limited when it comes to satirizing a situation. The interactivity of video games allows us to attack several points of view at the same time, and in a subject as socially polarized as that of the independence movement, we can give the player the chance to laugh at both of them, which is the player who chooses who wants to laugh In ‘Camino a la Independencia’ you can actually play in two ways, making Puigdemont achieve his goal, or just the opposite, and playing both ways you get achievements in the game.

4- Do you think current Spanish / Catalan politics is a good topic in which to set a video game

We think so, but it is a sensitive subject and it is very easy to hurt to the people, so a neutral focus is probably the best option. Unfortunately, this conflict is part of our history, and it is necessary that it be part of our culture as well, not only in video games, but in movies, series, etc. We believe that it is easier to learn about the history playing, for example, watching the news, and in this sense videogames have a lot to contribute.

5- What role play the growth of the indie industry play in the rise of this kinds of games?

Surely the indie industry is more daring when it comes to dealing with these subjects, it is hard to imagine a large production dealing about politic iin Spain.

6- Can you make money with a game that touches these subjetcs?

If the game is good, any topic is valid. Goat Simulator may be the best example!

7- Do you think these games are born with a will to complain against the system?

Basically if it can be a way to express our dissatisfaction about how things work in our country. Luckily, if there is something that we do not lack in Spain is the ability to laugh at ourselves, and if our politicians did their job well, we would surely be laughing at other problems that are now more in the background.

8- Are all the political games from the left parties? Does it make sense that there is another ideology?

It would be necessary to define what a political game is. Using politics in video games is not only putting the politicians of the day as protagonists. Games like Call of Duty, which deal with war conflicts that have actually occurred, also have a strong political component, and have little to do with the left. It would also be necessary to define what is left parties and what is right parties, which is not at all simple. From the point of view of games like Camino a la Independencia, which are based on humor and satire, they could be classified in "the left", because that ideology tends much more to use humor than "the right" , who perhaps uses other resources when expressing their claims.



Article about Catalonia, Road to Independence

After the interview we leave the link of the article that appeared on the web of hobbies Consoles on the Road to Independence. It was a great illusion on our part this article by a magazine of such prestige.