Legions of the God

The legions of the god of war are numerous and varied ... let's look at some of the creatures that make them up.

Wandering Spirit

Those humans who have died in unworthy conditions, unable to reach either heaven or hell are condemned to wander through the earth materializing thanks to the remains of other dead bodies and destroy those living beings that are around them.


The Kakishis ... ancient warriors dedicated to the cult of the god of war Daikoku. After their death they are deprived of their senses of sight and speech. Converted into these deformed creatures with arachnid appendages ready to serve their lord.


Creatures of hell summoned by the god of war through pacts that guarantee an inexhaustible source of sustenance and chaos in the world of humans ...

Discarded design

This was one of the previous designs to the god of war Daiokoku but we wanted to give it a spin to give it a more spiritual and less corporeal.


In the next blog we will talk about the companion that will be with our hero during the whole adventure ...

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