Argus tells the story of a warrior fallen in battle and revived carrying a curse. Such a warrior must undertake a journey to be redeemed and not end up succumbing to the curse and end up becoming a monster.

"Who with monsters fight take care of becoming a monster as well."

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)


About the game

D.A.A.G ( Dinamic Action Adventure Game )

Episodic action game in which several game mechanics are mixed based on the classics of the 80s and 90s but updated to the current times.

Looking for the hero

We are starting with the first designs of our second title Argus.

The references when designing the main character are many and diverse, but the artists Emilio Mansilla and Hugo de Juan, under the direction of Carlos Lugo have endowed the character with the beauty that characterizes Asian culture with the chivalry and forcefulness of the Middle Ages. without forgetting the canons that define the figure of the hero in our current culture.


The calm that precedes the storm.

In this first illustration we tried to convey a solemn character of the character, highlighting his gaze to the horizon and his weapon in the foreground, making a standard against his enemies before starting the bloody battle.

Union make force.

As mentioned before, the great design challenge involved the fusion of two different aesthetics, seeking the balance between the two. Here we can see how the samurai style mittens are joined with the shoulder pads and the medieval cut layer, leaning on the asymmetry to enrich the character's finish without forgetting the functionality.Every side of the force has two faces which is reflected in the imperfection of the asymmetrical design, from its sharp left arm to the long mantle of its right side covers.


Each character in this great story hides a long and turbulent path , and we want that little by little you will discover together, until the end. We are working, and  continue publishing more illustrations, so from Apes 4 Apes Games Studio we want to listen  your comments.

See you soon folkst! #WeAreApes

Creating a world

Due to the nature of the story, the world in which it develops must be as immersive as possible, relying on background elements such as secondary characters or architectural elements that make the user more curious to discover how It is said world and delve into its secrets.

Here we can see how a first sketch of this new world has been made, looking for the right perspectives and proportions in order to narrate the adventure of our character.


We must not forget them. And that is evident in the care that is being put into elements such as the illustration shown here to later add movement and achieve a captivating atmosphere playing with the depth planes of the levels.

The warriors want a worthy opponent. There is no satisfaction in fighting with the pathetic.

[Donna Lynn Hope]

The first tests when designing the Argus nemesis.

For the design of Vargas we are basing ourselves on the iconic figure of the samurai but adapting it to this world that little by little we are designing.


The confrontation of the heralds

A key illustration in the design of Argus since they are the first images in which we compare the proportions of the two characters in their first confrontation during the development of episode 2 of the game.

The legions of the god of war are numerous and varied ... let's look at some of the creatures that make them up.

Wandering Spirit

Those humans who have died in unworthy conditions, unable to reach either heaven or hell are condemned to wander through the earth materializing thanks to the remains of other dead bodies and destroy those living beings that are around them.


The Kakishis ... ancient warriors dedicated to the cult of the god of war Daikoku. After their death they are deprived of their senses of sight and speech. Converted into these deformed creatures with arachnid appendages ready to serve their lord.


Creatures of hell summoned by the god of war through pacts that guarantee an inexhaustible source of sustenance and chaos in the world of humans ...

Discarded design

This was one of the previous designs to the god of war Daiokoku but we wanted to give it a spin to give it a more spiritual and less corporeal.


In the next blog we will talk about the companion that will be with our hero during the whole adventure ...