Argus The First characters sketches

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This will be the first of many blogs that will accompany the development of our Argus project.
I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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Looking for the hero

We are starting with the first designs of our second title Argus.

The references when designing the main character are many and diverse, but the artists Emilio Mansilla and Hugo de Juan, under the direction of Carlos Lugo have endowed the character with the beauty that characterizes Asian culture with the chivalry and forcefulness of the Middle Ages. without forgetting the canons that define the figure of the hero in our current culture.


The calm that precedes the storm.

In this first illustration we tried to convey a solemn character of the character, highlighting his gaze to the horizon and his weapon in the foreground, making a standard against his enemies before starting the bloody battle.

Union make force.

As mentioned before, the great design challenge involved the fusion of two different aesthetics, seeking the balance between the two. Here we can see how the samurai style mittens are joined with the shoulder pads and the medieval cut layer, leaning on the asymmetry to enrich the character's finish without forgetting the functionality.Every side of the force has two faces which is reflected in the imperfection of the asymmetrical design, from its sharp left arm to the long mantle of its right side covers.


Each character in this great story hides a long and turbulent path , and we want that little by little you will discover together, until the end. We are working, and  continue publishing more illustrations, so from Apes 4 Apes Games Studio we want to listen  your comments.

See you in the next post! #WeAreApes

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